About Us


Your #1 family friendly daycare providing parents with a safe and loving environment for their

little ones.


At Georgia's Street Daycare, I strongly believe that children learn the most through play. I encourage them to interact at their own pace. It is amazing to see the children develop their characteristics and witness all the special moments from sitting to walking, to even learning how to talk.

Not only will they learn to play and interact with the other children they will also know how to interact with a different adult figure instead of mom and dad. I also love to take the children outside to explore our outdoor surroundings and have them interact with Mother Nature's other creations.


I try and take them for outings to local parks. as much as possible.

Ashley Verhoef

Founder and Owner of Georgia's Street Daycare

Thank you so much for visiting Georgia's Street Daycare website. Here you will find a little bit more about myself and why I love what I do.


My name is Ashley and I have always known growing up that I wanted to teach and care for children. I remember in grade 3 I would always want to lend a helping hand with the kids who had disabilities or the kids who weren't as popular as the rest. As soon as I was old enough, I took the babysitting course and become the well known babysitter in my townhouse complex. I ended up caring for one family with 3 children, one of which was autistic. I babysat them so frequently even after we moved out of the complex. I loved these kids so much that to this day I still make an effort to keep in touch.


Some of my other employment that involved children was Build-a-Bear and Crash Crawly's. Since I was still in high school at that time, I decided that it would be best to devote the majority of my free time to Crash Crawly's. I ended up working there for the next 4 years and was promoted quickly to a Supervisor position. As the years went on, I decided to venture out and explore my options into the Corporate world and get some experience as an Office Manager. I am so happy to have gotten the chance to really strengthen my organization and management skills from these big corporate offices. It has really helped me start my own business and give me the skills to be my own boss.


Once I became a mom, I was dreading to go back to work. I was having nightmares every other night about the thought of leaving my daughter with someone else. While on maternity leave, I had met another mom at "mommy and baby swimming" and offered to stay home with my daughter and watch her son while she went back to work full time. I realized then, that I had found the perfect combination. I could be a mother and a teacher at the same time.


I opened my own home daycare business in February 2015 and decided to call it "Georgia's Street Daycare" after my daughters name and the name of the street we live on. I provide a nurturing, loving environment and care for these children as if they were my own.


After finding out that I was expecting for the 2nd time, I closed my daycare temporarily so that I could enjoy some bonding time with my newborn son, Matteo who will be 1 as of October 2020. I officially opened Georgia's Street Daycare again in September 2020 and am so excited to open my doors for a 2nd round of daycare. My daughter, Georgia will be in Grade 1, but will continue to be my special little helper Before & After School and on her days off from Elementary.


I know it is often difficult for working parents to balance all the commitments and responsibilities in their lives. When your child is at my home, you will receive peace of mind knowing that your child is being loved and taken care of much in the same fashion that you would provide them yourselves. Your child(ren) will be accepted, loved, nurtured, and stimulated. Georgia's Street Daycare is a home outside of home. A place you know that your child will be respected and will be able to be a “kid”.


If we sound like a good fit for your family, please feel free to message me with further questions! We would love to meet you and your family!